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Who is Kendall?

A Kentucky native now living in Houston, Texas, Kendall Rogers is a piano and bodhran player who also dabbles in accordion, whistle, and DADGAD guitar. He grew up amid the rich folk music and dance traditions of Kentucky, with traditional dance music from Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, England, and North America. In his younger days, Kendall studied classical piano, then joined the school band in middle school and then the jazz band in high school and college. Since college, Kendall has focused mostly on playing for various kinds of folk dancing across the US (and twice in Denmark.) In addition to playing music, Kendall has led dance band and piano workshops at various folk dance weeks and the O'Flaherty Irish Music Retreat and Youth Camp. To see a list of his current bands, see the "Bands" page.

The Beginning...

Kendall grew up in the wonderful commonwealth of Kentucky. His father was a programmer by day, a folk dance caller by night, and generally specialized in knowing everything. His mother was a nurse and a clogger, loved to sing, and had just enough Irish in her to cover for the English heritage. Their home was usually swimming in some kind of music - Classical, Celtic, Jazz,... or 50's rock-n-roll. Little did his parents know how much confusion this would cause Kendall later in life.

School Days...

Kendall figured out his first instrument, the piano, by ear at about the age of 4. The first attempt at lessons didn't work out, but that didn't stop him from picking out things on the keys or on the recorder or whistle. However, it wasn't long before piano lessons came along again. In the 4th grade, he met lifelong friend Travis, who also played piano by ear and eventually moved on to the sax, banjo, guitar, fiddle and anything else he wanted to play. Travis's skills inspired Kendall, and the rest is history - Piano lessons, clarinet in the band, piano in the jazz band, and eventually a return to Irish and Scottish folk music.

Since Then...

This was just the niche Kendall was looking for. Since coming back to the Celtic folk scene, Kendall has been playing for all sorts of folk dance events - contradances, English Country Dances, Scottish Country Dances, and the like. When those outlets aren't available, he also enjoys playing at Irish sessions, Celtic (and other) music festivals, in pubs or on stage. In an effort to save his back from the weight of the piano, he eventually took up the piano accordion, the bodhran and DADGAD-tuned guitar for sessions, along with a basic familiarity with the whistle.

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